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Please read the “Rules & Guidelines” below prior to logging in to this chat room. Note: You are responsible to keep the chat behavior appropriate.

Victims4Justice – Enter Chat Room Now!

 Next Chat Room Support Meeting     Monday June 13, 2011     7pm – 9pm

 Welcome My Fellow Survivors!

This online chat meeting is for victims of clergy sexual abuse, mainly. However, anyone who has endured any type of childhood abuse is welcome to participate.
One person speaks at a time. Everyone will get a chance to say something. When you are finished, please say “finished.” Then we’ll move onto the next person. Since I am the Moderator, I will choose the order of when a person gets to speak. I hope we have enough time that everyone can share. If there’s time left over, we’ll open up the meeting to “Discussions,” where anyone can speak, whenever.
Please treat everyone with respect and dignity. We are all victims, and we are all here to survive and support each other!
If anyone enters the room after 7pm EST, please contact me “V4J-Rich” before you send out a message.
Thank you and hopefully this will be a good outlet for us all.

Online Chat Room Support Meetings

Mondays   7pm-9pm est

Chat Rules & Guidelines

Please take a moment to read before entering the chat room.

1) This chat room is for victims of sexual abuse, or families of loved ones who’ve been abused.
2) This chat room is for adults only. No one under 18 years of age is permitted. Chatters are required to answer the age question if it is posed to them. Failure to answer will result in removal and possible ban from the chat room.
3) Please chat in a manner that is not disrespectful or demeaning to other chatters. Do not provoke other chatters on engage in behavior that is derogatory or belittling. Differences of opinions are welcome as long as they are presented in a respectful manner.
3) Racial and/or sexually-charged comments are not allowed. Moderators will issue no warnings in this matter. You will be removed and banned immediately for a 1st offense.
4) If a conversation or topic makes another chatter uncomfortable, we will take a room vote with whether to proceed with those discussions. If a chatter feels uncomfortable and is unable to participate, we will respectfully ask you to leave and come back later. If the vote is in favor to eliminate certain discussions, a topic will be changed. Anyone who does not abide by this rule will be asked to leave the chat room and return later, or a Moderator will remove you from the chat room.
5) No private conversations are permitted between guest chatters.
6) There will be no advertising or sale of any product or services. 1st offense is an immediate removal and ban.
7) Please keep the explicit language and swearing to a minimum. Please realize that certain curse words can cause triggers for other chatters.
8) Victims4Justice will not tolerate any person breaking these rules above. Furthermore, all chat transcripts are logged, and anyone found to be complicit in not abiding by these simple rules will be banned. (IP Addresses are logged as well.) Any illegal activity is not permitted on this chat! This is your 1st and ONLY warning!
9) Please come here if you need a supportive outlet. I created this website for victims and supporters. Please feel safe, secure, and welcomed. Please notify if you have experienced a problem with the chat itself or another chatter.
10) Let us all try to survive!

3 responses to “Chat Room

  • April

    I will try to make it tonight. If I can’t then I’ll definitely join ya on Thursday. I have my niece and nephew today and tonight and I don’t think I’ll get them in bed by 7 and I don’t think my husband will be home until around 8:30 but I’ll try my best.

  • Deanna Leonti

    I would love to join the chat room support meetings, but.I work nights 8pm-4am EST..I have Tue/Wed’s off…
    I can try to have Wed/Thrs. off but no guarentee..
    Thanks for Offering

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